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About Us
Established in 2006, the Philadelphia Mandolin Ensemble is pleased to celebrate it's 10th anniversary this year!

Our eclectic repertoire consists of music from the 16th to the 21st Century. In addition to our classical repertoire, we also have a keen interest in the folkloric music of the world. Both our classical and our folk libraries are constantly growing.

A unique facet of the group is that all members are encouraged to find and share new music. Additionally, rehearsals provide musicians the opportunity to try out their own compositional and arranging skills. Presently the group creates a unique sound with mandolins, mandolas, mandocello, guitars, bass, harmonica, hammered dulcimer, recorder and percussion.

We also seek to collaborate with other instrumentalists, vocalists, and composers of all genres. If you are interested in performing and / or collaborating with our group, by all means, please contact us. All inquiries are welcome!

We meet once a week at Todaro's Music in Lansdowne, PA to prepare material for performance every several months or so. Please go to our Library for some samples of what we"ve been up to!

Current Members and Primary Instruments:
MANDOLIN I Joe Todaro, Mark Linkins, Carol Sandler
MANDOLIN II Charlie Dugan, Enid Diamante, Jean Young
MANDOLA Joe Kasinskas, Mimi Todaro, Michael Fox
GUITAR Jim Lemisch, Steve Mangiola
BASS Stephanie Mack

For further information contact Joseph Todaro:

Todaro's Music
28 N. Lansdowne Ave
Lansdowne, PA 19050
: 610-623-3555
: mandolute@aol.com